Brief – Two day conference with some sightseeing & dinners for a mostly male group.

One of our more formal clients, the team at BRS wanted to focus on two days with morning meetings, followed by lunch and some free time for the group to explore and work remotely at their own leisure. We put together a fairly simple itinerary for the group that would help maximise their free time between lunch and dinner.

To help the group get their bearings before dinner on the first night, we took them on a walking tour of the old town, complete with a stop at the Black Magic bar with degustation of the famous Latvian herbal drink. After this we finished the tour at the restaurant.

The group had dinner at two very different venues, the first was a more traditional Latvian restaurant with a medieval theme. The second night was more formal, however the client didn’t want anything too over the top. We continued the theme of Latvian cuisine, however with a more contemporary twist.